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This is going to be fun! The carpet tiles color and textures are vibrant and everlasting. WearMASTER® recommends that darker colors be place at higher traffic areas so to minimize the appearance of dirt, etc. Perhaps a "T-Design" or "L-Design" may provide pathways to exits and entrances to patio doors or swimming pools. These do-it-yourself design options for carpet tiles are not possible with carpet rolls or wall to wall carpet. Remember, our carpet tiles are nonabsorbent so this can be used in outdoor wet areas so carpet tiles can be placed on patios or decks.

Some carpet design options are: (1) Standard / All one color. (2) Diretional with either cross of "L" or cross designs to direct foot traffice or accent furniture. (3) Common Checker Board (4) Obstract / Quilt Design. Random color without a sequence or pattern; simular to a quilt design. This looks quite highlighted with white walls.(4) Accent Edge: This can consist of a color trim, edge or corner squares on the corner or from the center point. Please email us your design so we can feature it on our website:

Checkerboard designs are attractive especially in garages so make sure to order 50% of one color and 50% of another color. WearMASTER® would like to view your peel and stick carpet tile design.



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