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Carpet Tiles For Schools Entryway, Lobby and Mezzanine Areas

Carpet Tire Tiles: Modular Commercial Flooring

entrance way carpet tiles
The perfect carpet tile for the lobby, entryway or mezzanines. Capture dirt, dust, pebbles
with Tire Carpet Tile before guest or customers enter your hotel, store or business.

Mezzanine Outdoor-Indoor Carpet Tiles
entryway carpet tile mezzanine carpet
surestep tiles for excercise rooms Surestep™ Tire Tile ORDER HERE
surestep tiles for excercise rooms

Sure Step Tire Tile
A six year old SureStep™ Tire Tile under a entrance way carpet floor mat. Ideal for snow exposed entrance ways.

WearMASTER™ Self-Adhesive Commercial Heavy Duty Carpet Tiles

For Office and Store-Front Floors

Carpet For Offices
Stain Resistant Heavy Duty Carpet Tiles For Your Office or Store Front Will Lower Maintenance Costs

WearMASTER™ introduces heavy duty peel and stick carpet tiles for commercial applications; carpet tiles for offices & store fronts and more! Engineered for durability, WearMASTER™’s carpet squares are manufactured with monolithic construction; non-woven, non-fibrous and non-layered.

This is the state of the art technology of carpet manufacturing. The result of this high tech production is a durable office carpet that does not unravel and forms binding elements during the manufacturing process that defines durability! Mid-stream during the manufacturing process, components of the same material produce an extreme bond together under a pressurized heat. This procedure further enhances tensile strength and longevity to our carpet tiles. Consequently, we reward our customers with a five year warranty on our commercial carpet tiles.

Carpet squares for offices are available in 12 colors. And two patterns: Ribbed and Pebbled.

Commercial Grade Info Sheet

The non-absorbency nature of the carpet makes the carpet stain resistant. Polyester is often mixed with cotton textiles to reduce staining. Hence, it’s stain resistant and ideal for wet areas, indoor or outdoor. Our carpet tiles are made of polyester. Polyester is commonly used to manufacture hypo allergenic pillows. Contact us for more information: 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701
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Property Management, Offices, Retail, Religious Place of Worship, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Government, Airports

Commercial Carpet Tiles on Business Entrance Ways Should be Darker Than the Base Color.

Commercial Grade @ Residential Prices

Black Ice Mocha Chestnut Denim Olive Taupe
Espresso Ocean Blue Oatmeal Ivory Sky Grey Smoke

Feature of US Made Carpet

Commercial Grade @ Residential Prices


Black Ice Mocha Chestnut Denim Olive Taupe
Espresso Ocean Blue Oatmeal Ivory Sky Grey Smoke
Landlords and caretakers of commercial properties require time sensitive set-up for new lessors. The self adhesive properties of WearMASTER™ commercial carpet tiles presents itself with this universal practicality; fast set-up, do-it yourself (DIY), inexpensive installation and simple single tiles replacement.

Square carpet tiles are replaceable. The strength of the adhesive bond of the commercial carpet is strong but not muscular. This midpoint permits both a secure carpet bond to the floor and with replaceable options. It is this feature that will save YOU money; replacement of individual tiles versus entire expensive carpet rolls.

Commercial carpet tiles can be used for residential, home office applications and heavy-duty residential carpet tiles for commercial use for the budget wise consumer. Economy carpet tiles are 14 ounce per square yard, heavy duty 26 and commercial 32.

The difference, other than price, is that the commercial carpet tiles are manufactured with a thicker and denser non-woven base. This high density base will abate noise and add insulation for cold and hot floors.

Whatever application, budget, color or texture the consumer desires, WearMASTER™'s commercial carpet tiles will surpass your commercial flooring needs; US made, recycled, durable and attractive. Our high grade commercial carpet tiles will satisfy the budget and quench you aesthetic requirements.
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Carpet Color Swatches

Commercial Carpet Tiles Brochure Pebbled and Ribbed (PDF)



Entrance Way Carpet Tiles
replaceable carpet squares
Due to its durability WearMASTER™ commercial carpet tiles can be applied to entrance ways. The thinness of the carpet tile provides easy roll-ability for shopping carts, walkers and wheelchairs.

Replaceable and Weather Resistant Carpet Tiles
entrance way
Easily replaced and cleaned; our WearMASTER™ 32oz. carpet is the practical product for commercial applications. Sure Step™ Tire Carpet Tile, a tire-textured carpet tiles is another option for entrance ways.
Frequently Asked Questions About Peel and Stick Carpet Tiles
  1. The heavy duty carpet tiles are recommended for both commercial and residential use. But your 36 oz. is for commercial use only. …the question is… which carpet tiles are better for an office area?
    The 32oz. carpet squares are thicker, will abate & absorb office noise better than the 26 oz. heavy duty carpet. If you have a serious budget, the heavy duty 26oz. will suffice. However, we still recommend the 32oz. commercial carpet for office, industrial and commercial applications..

  2. We have a wood outdoor deck that gets a lot of sun, rain and foot traffic from the kids and grand kids. Can we use the commercial carpet tile for an outdoor wood deck?
    Yes, absolutely! The 14oz., 24oz. and 32oz. carpet tiles are all water & UV resistant and designed for indoor/outdoor applications. This is the trade mark of the WearMASTER™ brand: Water Resistant, UV Resistant, Anti-microbial, Fade Resistant, and Made from Recycled Material in the USA! The commercial tiles can even be used in a living room area for improved noise abatement and durability.

  3. We have an office with 14 cubicles with chairs that roll. Can chairs with wheels roll freely on the office carpet tiles? I’m concerned that the wheels would damage the foam backing. Well, is there a foam carpet backing? …also, to save money can we mixed the 24oz and 32oz carpet together if the carpet tiles are the same texture and same color? Certain parts of the office will not receive much foot traffic at all. So we want to save money and place the more expensive carpet where there’s more foot traffic.
    This is an interesting question and frugal on your part. Firstly, the carpet does not have a foam backing or a rubber underlayment. However, the carpet has an underlay that is of the same material as the fibers: Polyester. Actually, we do not want to call it an ‘underlay’ rather it’s a dense, thicker and compressed under-fiber base that is heat molded under pressure to form a base that the single-filament fibers are monolithically formed from. To answer your question: Yes, you can mix 14oz. with 24oz. or 24oz. with 32oz. carpet tiles. The thickness between the varied densities is minor.

  4. Can we use the carpet tiles outdoor next to a barbecue? Just worried if the hot ashes drop on the synthetic carpet tiles will cause fire? Will it damage the carpet? Is the carpet flammable?
    No, it probably will not result in a fire. If the charcoal cinder is big it may melt the carpet. Since the carpet is non-woven, any hole in the carpet will NOT result in a larger hole in the future. In another words, it will NOT unravel the single fiber construction. If worse comes to worse, you have the option to replace one single carpet tile.

  5. Do I need tools or anything to replace a carpet tile?
    You’ll need a scrapper, some elbow grease and Goof Off® Heavy Duty Remover to help remove the adhesive. Removing the self-adhesive carpet tile is easier than it sounds. Our carpet tiles are designed for removal. The adhesive is applied moderately and the strength of the adhesive is NOT like a super-glue. You don’t need to be a superman to remove it by hand.

  6. My math is room is 23 feet by 17 ft. How many tiles do I need?
    Twenty three feet X’s 17 ft. equals 391 sq. ft. Each box of the economy carpet tiles (14oz.) contains 36 sq. ft.; so 391 sq. ft. divided by 36 equals 10.8 boxes which equal 11 boxes. For the heavy duty (26oz.) there’s 22.5 sq. ft. per box so; 391 sq. ft. divided by 22.5 sq. ft. equals 17.4 boxes which equals 18 boxes. Commercial tile (32oz.) contains 60 sq. ft. per box so; 391 sq. ft. divided by 60 sq. ft. equals 6.5 boxes which equal 7 boxes.

  7. We understand that WearMASTER™ carpet tiles can be used in offices, commercial area but can they be used outdoor on a patio floor. It’s a wood deck with about Ľ” thick spaces between each wood plank. We are concerned that the space between each decking plank will hinder that adhesive bond. Please advise us.
    The small space between the wood planks/boards will not be an issue. The adhesive lines applied on the back of each commercial carpet tile are approximately ˝” apart. So the carpet will bond well with this spacing and even with wider gaps on wood decks.

  8. We have a large lobby in a hotel in Miami, Florida that gets lots foot traffic from tourists. The tourists are often dripping wet with sand still on their feet. Will the sand and water hurt the carpet?
    This environment will not ‘hurt’ the carpet. If fact, the sand will be easier to vacuum on our short pile carpet –Vs- high pile luxury carpet. As to the water, if it’s good enough for outdoor it certainly can get wet.

  9. Our medical office area has a waiting area for patients who at times, make the place ‘messy.’ Without being too graphic, will vomit and other ‘body excretions’ stain or continue to smell after cleaning it up? Can we use WearMASTER carpet tiles for a medical office waiting room?
    We have not tested our carpet tiles with disambiguation, feces and other similar waste products. However, the non-woven carpet tiles are non-absorbent. If want water can’t penetrate the non-woven carpet fiber, we are confident that other waste products will not also. With regards to will it ‘continue to smell after cleaning it up?” If the carpet is cleaned thoroughly with deodorizing cleaner I’m sure the carpet will remain odor free.

  10. You mentioned the carpet tiles are low pile….regarding durability: how long will the 14oz. carpet tiles last –Vs- the 36oz carpet tiles?
    It truly depends on the amount of foot traffic. The tiles will withstand years of regular use. WearMASTER®'s limited warranty is valid for five years. The heavy duty carpet tiles are recommended for high traffic areas like living room, hallways and outdoor patios which are subjected to regular or high traffic usage.

  11. The economy carpet tiles are 14 oz., heavy duty 26 oz. commercial is 32 oz. What does that mean?
    The weight is the weight of the carpet tile per square yard. The heavier the weight the more heavy-duty the carpet is. As well, the fibers are a bit longer and tighter wound. The underlay is thicker, stronger and will provide better noise abatement and insulation against heat and cold. Commercial grade is recommended for offices, store fronts and corporate applications. The applications also include residential use for high traffic areas.

  12. Do you have some technical specifications about the carpet. How much of the carpet is recycled?
    Our US made carpet it 100% recycled. Is there anything more earthly and American than carpet being produced in the USA with 100% recycled materials.

  13. We would like to use your carpet tiles in our basement. The cement floor is uneven with cracks and old vinyl tiles on it that we can't remove, well actually can't fully remove. Can we use your self adhesive carpet tiles on our cement basement floor?
    Yes you can use it with the application. Luxury vinyl tiles are thin so the unevenness will not be a hindrance. With respect to the cracks on the cement floor; we do NOT see a problem providing the cracks are not too wide. The below photo was submitted by Kimberly of Michigan
Shown above are vinyl tiles that cant' be removed. Surface is prepped by cleaning and removing old wax and dirt. After: A clean basement floor with self-adhesive carpet tiles over old vinyl tiles. Carpet tiles will also add moderate insulation.

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